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“The staff at Fountain Valley Montessori provides the perfect blend of structure, education, discipline and devotion to the students. I have been amazed how my boys have developed socially, emotionally and academically since they started at FVM. It is amazing to witness the transformation of the children as they learn respect, control, and independence while guided through self discovery in a safe and nurturing environment. Thanks!”Jennifer

“We have been extremely happy with the teachers, staff, and the overall program at FVM. Our son has received an amazing preparation for kindergarten with the curriculum that FVM provides and the nurturing from his teachers. He has loved going to the school from the first day. The FVM has fostered his independence in accomplishing tasks and pride in his work. We thank FVM for two great years!”Victoria Harvey

“In 2004 my husband and I were on a quest to find the perfect preschool for our then two year old daughter. As any parent knows the thought of leaving your child for the better part of their day can be a very nerve wracking! After touring many schools I was left feeling as if I should just stay home with her! Then a friend recommended us to Fountain Valley Montessori. This turned out to be the best recommendation we had ever been given… actually more like a gift! Our first steps into Fountain Valley Montessori were… for lack of better words “love at first sight” I believe my first words were “where do we sign”. The Academic foundation that they have provided for my two children is unparalleled! It warms my heart to know that my children will be going out into the world being independent, confident, caring, and respectful young people! I cannot tell you how many people have commented on how my 4 year old son looks them right in the eye when they are speaking to him! My response every time is… “FOUNTAIN VALLEY MONTESSORI”!!! I whole heartedly attribute many of these wonderful qualities to their early years spent at this AMAZING school! After our families seven year stent here the staff has truly become our extended family! In fact there is no doubt that when my children are grown and reflect back on their childhood, some of their fondest memories will be ones spent at Fountain Valley Montessori! WE LOVE YOU Fountain Valley Montessori!!! Thanks a Million!”Joe and Cali Fraser

“During these three years that we have sent our children to FVM, it has been with gratitude, joy and amazement to watch our children develop their academic skills and social graces. FVM’s astute team (and “family”) of teachers and staff members take a proactive stance at ensuring a safe and caring environment, while providing a well-rounded curriculum that no doubt fosters a child’s desire to thrive towards their individual excellence. Additively, as parents of children with life-threatening food allergies, FVM’s staff are committed and diligent in their daily prevention management of such matters. We send our children off to school daily with peace of mind… that is golden”-K. Dang

“We are extremely lucky to have found Fountain Valley Montessori. We have participated in the toddler, preschool, and elementary programs at the school. All of the teachers and staff have provided a warm, loving environment for our children to grow both academically and socially. We value the strong Montessori curriculum which is adhered to at Fountain Valley as a solid foundation for our children’s’ future education. Each child is allowed to grow at his or her own pace and to develop individual interests and strengths.”Richard and Ellen Juge

“We love Fountain Valley Montessori! This is an outstanding environment for children, offering a warm, disciplined, rich Montessori experience. We are very familiar with many Montessori programs in Orange County, and FVM is truly extraordinary. FVM stays true to the Montessori principles within a wonderfully structured teaching environment. The teachers & headmistress enable children to thrive by providing order, enrichment, & insight in a joyful and structured program. Parents are involved and the children are happy, respectful, and appropriately independent.”Robert Bartelstone

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